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Welcome to our awesome online store where you will find everything tech. From Computer Hardware to TV’s to Accessories. - It’s all here! As our name suggests we made it easy for you to shop with us. Simply register, find what you want, checkout and we will deliver it straight to your door! We have partnered with the some of the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the best products at the best price - all in one place! So what are you waiting for? Search our site for what you want and just buy it


  • DSTV Installations
  • XtraView
  • Upgrades
  • High Definition
  • Dish Relocation
  • Commercial Installations


  • Aerial installations
  • Satellite installations
  • Extension Points
  • Home Theatres
  • Tuning
  • OVHD Installations
  • Gate Automation
  • CCTV
  • LED, Plasma and LCD Installations


  • TV's
  • DVD's
  • HI FI's
  • Microwaves